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1. Why is my bill so high? 

  • Leaks are often the culprit, and toilet leaks are the most common type. A single "running" toilet can quietly waste over 1,000 gallons of water in a single day. Fortunately, repairing toilet leaks is usually easy and inexpensive. Checking for leaks elsewhere in your plumbing system might reveal other sources of water loss.

  • In many cases, high bills are a result of increased water use. Changes in outdoor water use, such as watering a new lawn or using a new sprinkler system, are usually responsible for large increases. Reading your water meter before and after watering can help you identify how much you are using. Our tips can help you use water wisely and reduce future bills.

  • Although we read our meters with a high degree of accuracy, sometimes we make mistakes. If you suspect that we have misread the meter, please call our Customer Service department at (703) 698-5800. We will gladly check the reading and make any necessary billing corrections.

2. What are the charges on my first bill? 

Initial bills include a one-time Account Charge of $37.00. This charge only appears on the first bill.

3. Is there any relief from high bills caused by leaks? 

As a courtesy, we offer a one-time adjustment for unusually high water charges caused by leaks.

To be eligible for adjustment, the Customer must:

(1) promptly and properly repair the leak when detected;
(2) provide written proof of repairs to Fairfax Water in the form of copies of receipts or an invoice; and
(3) not have received a Courtesy Leak Adjustment from Fairfax Water during the preceding five years.

Please use this form to submit the required information.

You may mail the completed form to:

Fairfax Water
Attn: Billing
8570 Executive Park Avenue
Fairfax, VA 22031

You may fax it to: (703) 289-6133

Or you may email it to: customers@fairfaxwater.org

You should receive a response to your request within two weeks. Most leak adjustments are calculated by crediting charges for 2/3 of the estimated water loss. Adjustments for a leaking water service lateral (the line running from the meter to the house) are calculated to credit 100% of the estimated water loss.

4. How often do you bill?

Residential customers are billed every three months.

5. Can I view my bill online?

Yes! Register on our Customer Portal at www.FWCustomer.org to view and pay your bills, turn off paper, see bill and usage history.

6. What is your payment address?

Fairfax Water
PO Box 71076
Charlotte, NC 28272-1076