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Past Due Charges

Bills issued by Fairfax Water are due and payable when rendered. Water charges not paid within 30 days of the billing date are subject to a 10% Late Payment Charge, which appears on a Reminder Notice. If you believe you have received a Reminder Notice in error, please call Customer Service at (703) 698-5800.

Account charges not paid within 10 days of the Reminder Notice may lead to the disconnection of service on or after the Disconnect Date printed on our Third and Final Notice. If you receive this notice after making payment, please call (703) 289-6185. To avoid interruption of water service, payment must be received in our office prior to the Disconnect Date. A night depository is located on the front of our office building by the Flag for your convenience.

In the event it becomes necessary to disconnect water service due to nonpayment, the past due amount and a $44 Turn Off/Turn On Charge must be received in our office before service will be restored. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Any appeals, questions, objections, explanations, or disputes concerning bills rendered by Fairfax Water may be directed to a Customer Service supervisor by telephone or in person during office hours.

To communicate with the Collections section of the Customer Service department about a payoff request, please email lienpayoff@fairfaxwater.org or fax 703-289-6166.