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Understanding Watersheds

The Water Cycle

The Full Treatment



For Kids

Welcome to Water World!

We are so excited you want to learn more about water! You have come to the right place – we have stories, games, activities and more. Just click on the links below to enter Water World – just be careful you don’t get splashed!

Understanding Watersheds
Mr. Science Guy and his buddy, Mr. Watershed, help children understand where our water comes from and why we must protect it.


The Water Cycle
Our favorite friends, Drop and Dino, explain how water is always on the move.


Welcome to The PlantThe Full Treatment
Take a tour and explore our water treatment process through this great new on-line book!


If you are 4 to 10 years old, try these fun activities:

What's Wrong with this Picture?
Can you find all the ways that we pollute the water around us? Click on the picture to learn about some of the most common things to avoid.

Thirstin's Water Cycle Adventure
Learn all about the water cycle – and put your crayons to use, too.

Interactive Water Cycle
Just click your mouse and you control the water cycle.

Thirstin's Water Cycle Activity
Learn how to build your own water cycle with everyday items.

Thirstin's Wacky Water Adventure Activity Book (566 K PDF FILE, 16 pgs)
More fun games and coloring book pages.

Planet Protector’s Coloring Book
Do you like to color? Do you like to color on your computer? Visit this page and you’ll find an awesome picture that you can color over and over again!

If you're in 5 – 8 grades, you’ll enjoy these activities

Memory Game
Test your memory by matching all of the water symbols.

Conservation Puzzle
Try putting this online puzzle together in Willie’s Water World.

Word Scramble Game
A fun game to print and complete – see if you can unscramble the melbrcsad word in a sentence.

Fun Facts Matching Game
Do you know how much water it takes to brush your teeth? Print out this game to find out.

Interactive Fun Facts Matching Game
Here’s another way to find out how much water you use – and you can play right on your computer. (Some of the links in this game are to external sources not hosted on EPA's Web site)

Water Treatment Cycle
Learn all about the water treatment process that brings clean, safe water to your house.

If you are in grades 9-12, here are games and experiments for you:

Nonpoint Source Outreach Toolbox
A toolbox for learning more about nonpoint source pollution and how you can help to prevent it.

EPA Student Center
Activities and lessons about a variety of water topics, ranging from the water treatment process to exploring estuaries.

Interactive Question & Answer Game
Can you pick the right question if you have the answer? Try this game to find out and see if you can get a perfect score.